Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

One Africa Production is set to bring to the TV/MOBILE screens a diversion of top notch entertainment in movies! The One Africa Production will engage in curating and bringing to life some of Africa’s finest stories written, directed and produced for the wider audience across the globe. 
Teaming up with reputable directors, movie makers and brilliant script writers across the continent, our production arm will revive the true cinematic stories that tell tales you have never been told in a pragmatic way before. 
Through our pre/post production settled to refine the screenplay experience, our cast and crew will envelop the ultimate story renditions that form a part of different genres in the movie industry ranging from thrillers, romance, action and comedy!
We cannot wait to open the floodgates of creativity in this wonderful world of pictures told through the lenses of the cameras as directed by the quality of power!Yes, that power is in One Africa Production!
Find out what our major headliner will be in few months to come, plus our business relationship and investments in the movie industry. We aim to bring a global attention by creating movies that will eventually challenge the status quo and finally put us in line for an Oscar nomination and possibly a win!!!